Seapack Products

Seapack combines the best and freshest ingredients, sophisticated technology and Japanese tradition and know-how to give you healthy, convenient and delicious seafood products.

Deepfried breaded surimi, one of the many halal frozen surimi products from Seapack Food. Seapack's topnotch surimi products offer high nutritional value packed with exquisite seafood flavours. High in protein but with very little fat (less than 1 percent) and low in cholesterol, you get the ideal nutritional food that's hygienic and fresh in ready-to-serve packs.

Product Customization for You

While the core ingredients are the same, Seapack can customize each surimi product to suit your needs depending on your cultural preferences. Customization allows us to help meet our global customers' needs by creating unique tasting products for each world region. Contact us for more details if you need product customization.

Our Seapack surimi-based products are divided into 4 categories: Filament, Moulded, Minced and Others.


Filament crab stick used in Japanese sushi rolls and salads.



Breaded lobster claw is delicious when deepfried.



Pinx is surimi shaped to look like shrimp.



Imitation abalone made with surimi is an affordable alternative to real abalone.